Vision, Mission & Strategy

Online video is one of the trends that will continue to boom in the coming years. But how can you use video properly in your online marketing strategy? How do other successful companies utilize video? Where sometimes hundreds of words are needed, a corporate video can bring clarity in 2 minutes. Your online marketing strategy nowadays must include online video marketing. Through annual contracts we give corporate organizations marketing support, reinforcement of written content, video testimonials at high frequency, and beneficial add campaigns. In the future, we hope to provide for a select group of corporate organizations and embrace a regular clientele for which we, as a production partner, manage video marketing.


Our organization takes responsibility for the impact of business on society and the environment. We make conscious choices to achieve a balance between economics (Profit), environment (planet) and societal (People) aspects of our company.

We have been pleasantly surprised to watch as this balance has brought financial benefits to our company. We hope to continue this practice throughout our entire existence as a company.

CSR in practice

As an organization we choose to include the use of FSC certified paper for our printed matter and printer paper. In addition, we separate and recycle the old paper.

We drive in environmentally Car2Go electric cars that we pay per ride. As a result we don't need a car fleet or pay parking tickets.

Essent helps us to use green electricity. We encourage the use of alternative energy sources by being customer of the Essent company.

We collect office waste such as paper, cardboard and chemical waste separately.

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Chamber of Commerce no. 34346965
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