Purpose of corporate videos

Videos are an extremely effective way to share content; research shows that content shared via video is likely to be remembered 70% more than plain text content.

Applicability of videos

Videos are sharable through various social media outlets such as newsletters, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and of course, on a company website. Our videos play well on smartphones and tablets. Not to mention the business card cd-rom that we may also provide for your company.

Promotional videos

Promote your service or product with a promotional film. These films are often short, fast and flashy. A promo should always leave the viewer feeling good and will sometimes even leaver the viewer with a desire to act.

Conference videos

A summary of the conference or events with testimonials from various visitors. Within two minutes, the viewer understands the types of events and ambiance of the conference while you have great material for the next event’s promo.

Instruction videos

An outstanding video clearly shows how something works- more so than any other medium. Instructional films give an organization a way to show and explain how their serves or products work.

Company videos

To create a corporate film brings your business into the picture because video say more than simple text. Do you work for a dynamic company? You deserve a dynamic company video.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are considered short videos that reinforce written reviews of your company. Video testimonials are short videos that are easy, quick, and inexpensive to produce.

TV Commercials

30 second videos where every second is precisely thought out and is suitable for broadcast on national TV.